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Accident Repairs in Crawley | Domestic & Commercial Vehicle Body Repairs | How to Protect New Paintwork

Are you planning to visit R&P Accident Repair Centre for some minor dent repairs? Or have you recently seen us for major crash repairs? Whether you’re an imminent arrival from Crawley or have just recently paid a visit, you will want to maintain your new paintwork’s pristine condition for as long as possible. With more than 180 years of shared experience, our team excels at all domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs. As such, we’re perfectly placed to offer advice on how best to preserve paintwork following car body repairs.

By specialising in all accident repairs, R&P Accident Repair Centre always delivers a premium, flawless and seamless finish. However, the harsh realities of driving mean you will need a maintenance routine to keep it looking its best.

If you drive around Crawley and the surrounding areas on a daily basis, your car is exposed to a barrage of corrosive elements. From bird droppings to grit on the roads in winter, you need to stay vigilant to potentially harmful substances.

Our Paintwork-preserving Tips

Wash Your Car on a Regular Basis

In short, the longer you leave a corrosive substance on your vehicle’s paintwork, the higher the likelihood of damage. In addition to bird droppings, plant and insect secretions can also cause damage – and ultimately require accident repairs – if not removed quickly.

Living in urban areas like Crawley increases your chances of needing dent repairs, crash repairs or any other car body repairs at some time. But you may also find you have to park under trees too. When this happens, you can often come back to your car and find it decorated with all manner of organic material.

As experts in domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs, we recommend regular washing. Even once a week if you use your car frequently. Hand washing is kinder than power washes. Most importantly, however, you must use soft sponges, cloths and brushes with a mild cleaning agent.

Follow Up with Waxing

While you may not always need to apply wax, you must remember to check if you need a new application. Specialists in accident repairs agree that wax helps to protect paintwork by sealing the topcoat.

Use this basic test to see if your vehicle needs a fresh wax: drop some water onto the surface, or watch rain when it falls. If the drops simply run off the paintwork, your previous wax is still performing.

Remove Minor Scratches

Needless to say, for dent repairs, crash repairs or any other car body repairs in Crawley, you must visit the professionals at R&P Accident Repair Centre. But if you find a slight scratch, you can use a polish that contains microfine abrasives to gently clean a painted surface without causing any damage.

If the scratch remains after this, we strongly advise visiting us for expert assistance. We cover all domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs, so we can help with every need.

Matt Paint Has Different Requirements

If your vehicle has a matt rather than a gloss, metallic, finish, you must follow different cleaning habits. Any abrasives in your polish will ruin a matt finish. Wax sealants also cause damage while car wash brushes often work to smooth matt paintwork.

It’s always best to clean matt surfaces by hand.

What Accident Repairs do You Need?

Dent repairs, crash repairs, commercial vehicle body repairs – our car body repairs team does it all. Our fully equipped, 4,000ft² body shop contains industry-leading tools, equipment and machinery. Whatever your needs in Crawley, we deliver flawless results.

Call 01342 832 511 to talk over anything from domestic accident repairs to commercial vehicle body repairs. We provide the complete service package in and around Crawley.