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Crash Repairs in East Grinstead | Car Body Repairs | The Refinishing Process

Has your car recently suffered bodywork damage? Whether it’s a minor dent or the result of a major collision, R&P Accident Repair Centre can restore your vehicle’s finish with seamless car body repairs. Operating out of a body shop in Lingfield, near East Grinstead, we cover all domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs. Be it crash repairs for private cars, dent repairs for ambulances or accident repairs for business fleets, our specialist team does it all.

We take great pride in having established a reputation for excellence in every respect. A key part of this lays in the quality of the finishes we produce. Below, we have taken a closer look at the process we use to deliver work of such a high standard.

To discuss any aspect of car body repairs in East Grinstead or the neighbouring areas, call us on 01342 832 511.

A Closer Look at the Refinishing Process

Initially, our panel beaters repair the damage site, returning the vehicle body back to its factory state. Once complete, your vehicle passes to our paint shop for preparation and refinishing. For all domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs, these processes are key in creating a flawless finish. You can rest assured, our preppers and sprayers work with a meticulous eye for detail.

When your vehicle arrives, our preppers will initially check the quality of the repair. They will immediately reject anything that doesn’t meet the demanding standards set by R&P Accident Repair Centre. In such rare cases, your vehicle returns to the panel shop for rectification, whether that’s dent repairs, crash repairs or any other kind of accident repairs.

With a satisfactory repair, our preppers get to work. They start by feathering out the paint edges that surround the repair site and key the rest of the panel.

The next stage of car body repairs involves masking your vehicle before applying primer over the repaired area. We also add primer to any other part of the panel with surface scratching or bare metal.

Motorists in East Grinstead should note, if your crash repairs require a new panel, we use an advanced wet-on-wet system to simplify the process. This doesn’t apply to more minor work like dent repairs.

When the primer has dried, our preppers then ‘flat’ the surface. This involves use of fine grade abrasive paper and blocks. By using a sufficiently fine grade, our team doesn’t leave any scratch marks that mar the topcoat of finished domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs.

If we need to blend paint, we prepare adjacent panels, allowing the sprayer to fade out the colour.

Refinishing | The Final Step in Accident Repairs

Our preppers then move your masked vehicle into a low-bake oven. They apply plastic sheeting to prevent overspray affecting any other panels. Like all specialists in dent repairs, crash repairs or any other domestic or commercial vehicle body repairs, we have a full paint-mixing scheme that allows us to find a perfect colour match.

For your peace of mind, R & P Accident Repair Centre applies water-based paints during car body repairs to fully comply with industry regulations.

Once cleaned and tacked, your accident repairs move on to the painting stage. Using industry-leading guns from major manufacturers, our sprayers apply the necessary number of base coats needed to cover the primed area. They then let this cure before applying a lacquer. This protects the base coat while adding a high-gloss finish.

The refinishing phase ends when your vehicle finishes baking. We perform another quality control check to uphold our standards. When satisfied, our painters unmask the panels and return your car to the fitting shop where they duly reassemble everything.

Before collection, we cut and polish minor paintwork imperfections, leaving surfaces in their pre-accident condition. From here, you’re free to return to the roads of East Grinstead again.

Call 01342 832 511 to discuss car body repairs in East Grinstead. From dent rectification to crash repairs, our team does it all.