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Accident Repairs in Edenbridge | Specialist in Car Body Repairs | The Benefits of SMART Repairs

As a time-served specialist in domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs, we understand the frustration that comes with scuffs and dents to cars and vans. You may have saved up for years to buy your dream car. You might have taken out a loan to invest in multiple business vehicles. In both cases, you likely drove carefully around Edenbridge and the neighbouring areas to build up your no claims discount. All it takes is one small accident, in some cases not even your fault, to face the prospect of paying out for car body repairs.

However, advances in SMART repairs over the last decade or so have made lighter dent repairs and accident repairs a much easier fix. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to major crash repairs, as the damage is usually too widespread or significant.

What are SMART Repairs?

SMART stands for ‘small and medium area repair technique’. As the name suggests, this service focuses on the minor, localised side of domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs. Typical examples include bumper scuffs, small dents, scratches and kerbed alloy wheels.

The specific nature of the work we perform depends on the damage inflicted on your car.

If you have a minor dent, but the paintwork is still intact, we can perform paintless dent removal. These dent repairs involve the gentle manipulation of the affected area until we restore the pre-accident condition. This doesn’t require the use of paint or filler.

However, if your vehicle has suffered damaged paintwork while on the roads of Edenbridge, we will need to reapply it. Our team sands down and fills the site of the damage before drying the filler. We then rub the whole area down again before spray painting, lacquering and polishing. You can rest assured, our car body repairs specialists find an identical colour match for a seamless result.

While this approach isn’t applicable for more substantial crash repairs, it is ideal for all minor accident repairs.

The Benefits of SMART Repairs

With so many benefits, SMART services have become one of the most popular solutions for domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs. Some of these advantages include:

  • Cost-Effective – With a rapid turnaround, SMART accident repairs make an affordable solution, but without any compromise in the quality of the finish
  • Convenient – Unlike some dent repairs, there’s no need to have an entire panel painted because of small, localised damage, meaning minimal downtime for you
  • Same-Day Results – While crash repairs may keep you off the road for days, we always complete SMART repairs on the same day we start the service
  • No Need to Claim – You may find SMART repairs so affordable that you choose not to claim on your insurance, allowing you to preserve your no claims discount

If you’re planning to sell your car in the future, you should also consider SMART accident repairs before listing it. While a scuff or two isn’t the end of the world, such superficial damage can affect your vehicle’s resale value. Chips and dents will either encourage potential buyers in Edenbridge to offer less money or walk away entirely.

As with all car body repairs, there’s a balance. If you don’t plan to recoup much money for your car, it may not be cost-effective to invest in SMART repairs. However, the higher the valuation, the more we recommend visiting us for these scuff and dent repairs.

Find out how highly local and regional motorists rate our domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs by reading our testimonials.

Call 01342 832 511 to speak with our car body repairs specialists. From minor accident repairs to major crash damage, we cover every eventuality for Edenbridge Motorists.