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Domestic and Commercial Vehicle Body Repairs in Oxted | From Dent Repairs to Crash Damage, Why We Use Spray Booths

The car body repairs our team undertakes vary considerably in type, size and complexity. For small-scale accident repairs and dent repairs, we use cutting edge methods, like SMART solutions, for fast, cost-effective results. For major work like crash repairs, we put damaged vehicles on a jig for our panel beaters to restore the body alignment. We can also replace any damaged panels, where needed.

A key feature of the domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs we provide for Oxted motorists is our spray booth. This oversized machinery can accommodate Luton vans as well as long-wheelbase vehicles with high roofs.

At R & P Accident Repair Centre, we always want to give you a better understanding of the services you visit us for. Below, we have looked at what our spray booth is and how it can benefit you.

Car Body Repairs Using a Spray Booth

What is a Spray Booth?

Our spray booth is a dedicated area where we apply spray paint to vehicles in a fully controlled manner. This allows us to deliver flawless paint jobs with unmatched efficiency. In turn, we can also keep our own personnel safe from the hazards of the job. Using spray paint can often lead to overspray, but our booth acts as a confinement space for this. As such, we avoid dangerous situations while keeping the main body shop clean.

Because our spray booth is free of dust and dirt, we achieve outstanding results with everything from dent repairs to crash repairs. The booth itself contains a filter which supplies clean air. This filter catches contaminants, preventing them from landing on the wet paint and disturbing the finish.

As a specialist in domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs, we perform quality control checks after spraying to ensure the kind of impeccable results we have become synonymous with.

If you’re in Oxted and need to book your own accident repairs, please contact us.

The Benefits of Using a Spray Booth

Controlled Environment

There are numerous factors that impact on the quality of your vehicle’s paint job. Some of the most common examples include dust, temperature and humidity.

By controlling the environment in which we spray, we consistently achieve the results you rightfully expect, and which we ourselves demand, from car body repairs.

Control of Hazardous Materials

Some automotive paints contain hazardous chemicals. The repainting process releases these as particles and fumes, posing a risk to personal health and the environment.

The filter installed in our spray booth captures these chemicals, ensuring they don’t pose a threat to our staff or the immediate surroundings.

Dust-Free Space

By eliminating dust from our spray booth, we create the perfect environment for spotless accident repairs. Whether you visit us from Oxted for dent repairs, crash repairs or anything in between, without dust floating around, we produce an impeccable finish.

Even a single speck of dust landing on a wet coat of paint can ruin the aesthetic. These imperfections also lead to less resilient surfaces that the elements affect far sooner than they should. Of course, this makes domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs far less cost-effective.

Long-Lasting Results

A stable application of base coats and paint creates a finish with optimal durability. Because we maintain the air temperature, we apply products in even layers. This is key to creating smooth finishes.

What’s more, these controlled conditions ensure the various coatings bond together, forming a structured surface with stunning aesthetics and long-term toughness.

For car body repairs of unmatched quality in and around Oxted, look no further than R & P Accident Repair Centre.

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