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Car Body Repairs in Tunbridge Wells | Dent Repairs | A Closer Look at Colour Matching

Whether you visit us for minor dent repairs, major accident repairs or anything in between, there’s a good chance that colour matching will play a role in your service. You can rest assured, R & P Accident Repair Centre has a stellar reputation for seamless car body repairs. Our in-house team shares over 180 years of trade experience. During this time, we have faced every eventuality, from minor bumps to serious crash repairs. When it comes to domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs, there’s no situation we cannot manage.

We understand how highly you value the aesthetics of your car or van. No private car owner in Tunbridge Wells wants to drive around with mismatched patches of paint. Likewise, you want your business vehicles to look spotless so they make a good first impression with prospective customers.

An Introduction to Colour Matching

Car body repairs solve an array of issues. If you have scrapes and scratches, a swift fix restores your vehicle’s resale value and helps to prevent water damage, and rust-related issues, in the exposed areas. On a larger scale, work like dent repairs, accident repairs and crash repairs typically restore vehicles back to a roadworthy condition.

Of course, any damage to the paintwork requires covering. It goes without saying, you want, and expect, a seamless colour match to disguise all signs of the work we perform.

At R & P Accident Repair Centre, we have a database of thousands of colour formulations. Our team has the meticulous attention to detail that only comes with decades in the industry. We can distinguish even the subtlest of variations in colour.

You can view examples of the results we achieve for motorists in Tunbridge Wells and the neighbouring areas on the Previous Work page.

As you would expect from a specialist in domestic and commercial vehicle body repairs, we have also invested in the latest colour-matching technology too. This includes use of a spectrophotometer. This tool analyses the wavelengths of light that make up the specific colour of your vehicle.

This not only expands our capabilities, but it also speeds up the process without any compromise in the accuracy of our colour matches. This helps to reduce costs too.

Why We Need to Colour Match

While it’s true that vehicle manufacturers have paint codes for the colours they use, it’s not simply a case of looking up this code and applying the relevant paint.

There is an array of factors that could affect your own specific car body repairs. For example, if you have an older vehicle, you may have already had previous paint jobs that weren’t the same shade as the original, or the colour may have faded away too.

On the manufacturing side, practically every vehicle colour has its own variations. Ford has a hue called Moondust which is highly popular, but this shade alone has at least 5 variants. These differences, no matter how slight, make it even more important to source the correct colour before working on your dent repairs or accident repairs.

Your car will also experience ‘weathering’ as you use it in and around Tunbridge Wells. This comes in the form of harsh road environments, exposure to UV rays and a lack of cleaning. As such, the colour code only gives us a starting point. Be it domestic crash repairs or commercial vehicle body repairs, we will need to tint to achieve a better match.

The above is only an introductory guide to our colour matching process. For your peace of mind, we happily answer any questions you may have ahead of your car body repairs.

Call 01342 832 511 to discuss anything from dent repairs to major car body repairs in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas.